Mind Over Matter


It’s the brain that tricks you to either react or respond. it’s not the matter that you being Metathesiophobia or not, the only thing to fear more than change is no change. The business of being static is making me nuts. Existence is short might be a cliche in my gene though 😀
However, we have a long list of situations followed by moving on and letting go mantra. that shows the existence of life, to be a contradiction is complex.. for some its perplexity and for some, it is a right rhythm just like being Anxious & awesome, messy & marvellous, frazzled & fabulous  at the same time .. what a paradox


Author Paulo Coelho talks briefly why we fear change. In his book Alchemist, he talks about two types of angels that knock on our door every once in a while. The first one is the angel of good luck – the second one of death. We tend to listen the most to the second one because according to him it has a strong impact on people and is therefore very powerful. When the first one knocks, we fear the change to move ahead.

So the conviction is “Don’t let your self-be lulled by inertia. Allow yourself to grow and let your fear evolve to shear.”


Joie de vivre

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”
while just giving a thought to this quote, a jaunty feeling pass by, I seize to convict rather Shoot it, Eat it & Blog it.
So, let your gusto soul revive.
As Ramadan has just started so, brace yourselves with the bottomless food, iftar deals, and buffet menu, even just a thought of it makes me GLUTTONY #astaghfartalks. 😀
In this reverent month the acme taste buds, the joy of eating is at its apex.
To feed my feeling, last night I had a chance to visit ZAOQ for Iftar Buffet, arrived early & sombre for about 7.00 pm booking, at reception was given greeting, as usual,  it was my second experience with ZAOQ.
At 10 past 7.00 staff started to serve LAL sharbat to all the waiting customers which were being seated. 5 minutes later, the hunger game begins, there were plenty of staff on duty and all seemed to be resolute.
Serene ambiance with the side view of the shore, and lost in your thoughts … but hey its iftar so yeah indulging with that absorbing the charm decore.
Menu; There was wide variety of dishes starting off with the rituals; pakoras, samosa, spring rolls, shawarma, tempura, chana chat, Dahi baray, red bean salad, pasta salad, Russian salad, fruit chat, moving on to the other dishes , chicken tikka boti, Makhmali kebab, karhai, wings, palak paneer, biryani apart from desi stuff 2 dishes of Chinese cuisine were also there, i.e. chicken chow mien, egg fried rice with chicken Manchurian. finishing off with the desserts there were Gulab jamuns, Caramel egg pudding, Custard, and kheer.
Timing; starting off with the Maghrib Adhan till 8:30 pm
Service; staff was humble and help[ful 9/10. ( not giving 10/10 because there is always room for improvement )
The food; My verdict about ZAOQ would be is good to go when we talk about desi food, completely flavored in every critic sense. though I found Chinese dishes were unsavory, not appetizing at all. My personal favorite was Kebab. All in all, it was a good and smooth experience.To be fair the meal or parts of it, was good, par excellence.
Here are some pictures for your interest.

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In the chicken-or-the-egg problem of food and mood, do the moods hatch the foods, or do the foods hatch the moods?
for me, food wins, and that made my last night scrumptious.
What’re your thoughts talk to me, @MD share in comments?

A Promise …

Pinky-Ring-2 Pinky promise to love yourself ..
I call it Panache self-reminders it is been known fact that the most important person to keep your promises to, is yourself.
well here i’m not talking about you to be selfish or narcissist. Being conceited is one thing but there is a need for understanding not vengeance, ubuntu not victimization.
A small smackerel of something sweet can make a big difference. ❤ so, this little love for yourself is always needed in the living existence. Its about essence of self fidelity & adherence .
Trend follow by this year will be showing the intrinsic trend of  empowerment. my self is not a feminist but her i say empowerment is not its reflection rather i call it a process of growth in ones journey, treating yourself as a priority can make big difference in its own ways and nevertheless to keep the notification alive a sign for self reminder is a must, who can ever overlook the finesse brilliance. 😉
So, all the ladies put your rings up ..  💍