Enthusiasm is a prelude to dream, while satisfaction. And rejoice is an after math to a job well done. I was overflowing to the brim with eagerness to work the magic!

When the colors of celebration are in the air & being affiliated to the company makes worth a million glory. This year Ufone rejoices with Independence celebration for a week.

Let us celebrate the day coupled with full throttle fun and frolic but do leave some space to ponder over the next dream, that’s where U come in, with firmer resolve to enhance inputs and look up to more laurels & fulfilment adding multiple reasons to celebrate.

Ufone Azadi week comes right before the Day, celebrations come along with passionate moments, Patriotic sentiments have been eminent with great gusto, week was bursting with joyous moments and entertaining activities, along with flag hoisting and souvenirs & other knick-knacks.


Festivities spring with elevated high-sprits, everyone was enthusiastic and partook with the decoration within the office, every single nook & cranny were filled with green bunting imitating the mini flags.






Followed by the cultural day; employees were seen nationwide intricate & outfitted upon the folk tradition, to add an element of winning to fulfill the appetite of excitement, competition has been held along.
Impeccably finishing off all the merriments with a delectable Ufone lapel.
A phenomenal feature among the majority what peaks as the distinctive thought is the Price paid for the contentment, the thrills, and the lessons learnt.
This should be a new way forward, a plausible justification to inspire rejoices accomplishments by those to follow, Countless cheers to Ufone.


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