This image inspires me to write today..!!



The book is always and is better …
The odd think about I for one is I had many books nevertheless always wanted more.

Have you ever come across by the question “you finished that book in a day?”
well, well… I do that quite a lot, yet people are always surprised.

Myself can vow, that you can always recognize a book in a gift wrap. The slippery wrapping paper always fails to camouflage the fresh sharpness of the cover, the crisp angle of the spine, and the concave curve of the opening edge. It’s a hefty gift too, heavy with the aptitude of a good tale, and weighty with expectation. As you read the title, the giver of the gift looks upon you with the hopeful, desperate face of one who has not yet discovered their fandom and is thus yearning for the catharsis of communal appreciation. You thank them, maybe you give them a little ‘thank you’ hug, and then you put the book lovingly on your ‘to read’ pile. And up and about for a book hangover.


To all my friends who are planning to think for my gift let me help you with that I Can’t wait to have your beloved books from you all this year.J
P.S. ask me beforehand so it won’t be a duple one 😉


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