dozakhnama: Conversations in Hell



dozakhnama: Conversations in Hell by Rabisankar Bal
Translated by Arunava Sinha
Genres: Biography
Pages: 533
Rating: 7.5

My thoughts; dozakhnama wasn’t even really on my radar until one of my bibliophile friends told me to pick it up.  I’m so glad she sent me a copy of it. In the beginning, not much fan of Asian writers but who know thoughts are meant to be changed every time. It’s going to be a surprising read that really crept up on me when I least expected it with anagogically prepossessing stories and attachments woven through its pages.
Conversions in Hell is one of those books that I’m going to be pushing on everyone now.Read it for around 3 months (took a lot of effort!) and just not to be downcasted I have left last 15 pages, apparently, my book is not finished as yet. 😀
Overall Reaction:
Read it for around  1 whole month (took a lot of effort!) and I am sad now that it is over.

My favorite Quotes:
Shairee( Couplet )  of Hafiz & Mir inkling has been quoted along, I can’t really choose one or two …
so read and find your favorite one.. !!


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