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A person who is tuned into Karachi’s burgeoning art and music sight will know exactly what Improv theatre is all about as Improvs are happening almost every other weekend at places like T2F, PACC, Thotspot, etc. However, for those of you who don’t know, Improv theatre is a form of live performance where the scenario, the plot, characters, and dialogues are all created on the spot i.e. with no script as a reference, along with the perfect combination of standup comedy. Doesn’t sound easy, does it? Well, it really isn’t. But that is exactly what makes it fun.
This past weekend, the weather wasn’t the only crazy thing happening in Karachi, the Pakistan’s all-girls comedy troupe “The Khawatoons” presented lighthearted show. All girls pulled off yet another startling dramaturgical performance, which took place at Thotspot on 29th April 2017. Following The Auratnaak Show, there were high expectations and a lot of buzz over Lovers Point. Girls successfully captured the confusion and hilarity of the situation, and all the girls did a fantastic job in performing their respective leading lady. The spot was created in an interesting manner, where most of the action takes place. There were more than nine situations to this room, and timing was essential in executing humorous situations, with the characters continuously entering and leaving the scenes. The spontaneity is applauding and up roaring. The audience found themselves relating to unfortunate lovers (Nakam Ashiq’s) situations who gets stuck in a very challenging situation, trying to cover up lies with more lies. Other charms include the situations and typescripts they were completely turning into bringing a whole new life and nostalgic to audience shadowed by heartbreaks. (hehe Evil laugh)
notwithstanding, while watching ladies performing so well my personal favorite Faiza and being not bias at the moment I plummet for Amtul’s performance, the way she dives into the character for myself the Oscar performance was the moment she was stand-in so well for a plastic girl. (Those who were there, can relate to). And those who missed it just look at the happy faces below to get the idea 😉

18280944_10213043410224990_1216540524_nFrom left to right- Fatema Shah, Natalia Gul, Amtul Baweja, Faiza Saleem, Jaweria Khan, Laraib Asdaf, Sara Ashraf.

P.C. Sara Ahmed.

All things considered, the performance was very well performed, with the lively characters and engaging abrupt interchanges being the highlight of the show, this light-hearted comedy provided a breath of fresh air. Brought a smile to everyone’s face, as it was quite unexpected and much needed to the dire folks of Karachi: D

The Khawatoons rises up to the challenge with a new genre. I for one am already excited to see what they will have in store for us next time!


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