Three things cannot be retrieved…

“Three things cannot be retrieved: the arrow once sped from the bow: the word spoken in hast; the missed opportunity.”
– Hazrat Ali

Being a Karachi University business graduate while seeing the post buzzing all over social media Ayyan Ali visiting public administration department (DPA) as an proletarian guest for the inauguration of a canteen thieving me inside to give my insight about it. After all pen is mightier than sword or should I say in more to Americanized way that we still believe in freedom of speech 😉
ayyanBy now must be in awe why the title is so off track, what’s the pointof discussing pseudo liberals under the shadow of that reverent saying …

You pals need to hold your horses as my thinking tank is on board.

The decision of calling a pin-up as a central carcass shows the immaturity of the organizers show there hunger for paparazzi at times recreational activity can either be cost effective or even culpable.

a few mind jolting questions whispering There has to be some jurisdiction over KU neither KU necessitate KYC for its visitors. Inviting Ayyan Ali as a guest of honour to a café inauguration is like inviting a sanctimonious to a jamboree.

On contrary my choice could have been selecting our First Master Chef of Pakistan, a better genre which could have publicized enhanced perception and logically acceptable perspectives …

As the arrow has sped from the bow and cannot be retrieved. Archery has its cleaver ways and now consequences of grime on the institute need to abide.

The word spoken in hast;

While seeing that people bashing about it all around with swiftness as if this misdemeanor is etched in your mind forever. Though within a second we all indulge in our bitter-sweet symphonies.

The missed opportunity of being not a part of a Grandfie at the same time as deception is so intruded that fail to spot where it leads.

Fighting fit none asking for suggestions here but surely at these instant owners of “chips & dips”, as young aspirants experiencing life and its ignominy.

Chao .. 🙂


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