The Lady 24/7


Since we are the children who believe in fairy tales as we grew up seeing them.

I know its not just me who thinks that my mother is my Fairy God  🙂
 but yes my mom is my fairy god mother.. All I know that what I’m today is cause of her. If she wasn’t there I won’t be what I’m today. I can say by now that many events in which only because of her encouragement I have succeeded.
The lady 24/7 on no account impede, despite the consequences of her own intricacy.
The epic moment that had happened instead of me cooking breakfast for her today (as what I have planned) … I’m the one who’s carrying a sandwich while leaving for work.  LOL..  😀

Thank You Martha for being my Mom ❤

P.S.  I don’t say that mother is the only parent who does most. In my case father is also a daughter’s confidant. But as it’s a Mother’s day share so lets keep it this way..


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